Thursday, May 19, 2016

Printing Large Photos

Attempting to print photos up to 65" is not for the faint-of-heart.  I wanted to print the panorama of Monet's garden, shown in the previous post, at 16 by 60 inches.  Gallery wrapping adds another 4" in each direction.  I have been printing with an older 24" printer for several years with some success.  I generally print 18 by 24" photos for standard framing.  However, even though a sheet of paper 20 by 64" could be fed into the older printer, it failed to initiate a print job.  No information was available from HP since the printer was out of warranty.  I then bought a slightly newer but used 24" printer which would accommodate a roll of paper.  Unfortunately, it was damaged in shipment and couldn't be repaired. I contributed it to Got Junk.
I then bought a new HP t120 shown in the top photo.  It is wireless-capable and can print from any computer, iPad or iPhone in my home.  After considerable trial and error I have been able to print 20 by 64" photos on canvas suitable for gallery wrapping, below.