Wednesday, November 1, 2017

My First Professional-level Frame

I was able to purchase high quality frame molding in length to make 16" by 60" frames for my panorama photos mounted as gallery prints. I mitered the ends to fit the photo. Although I bought a corner joiner in order to press fasteners into the corners, I wasn't able to accomplish this due to the hardness of the material--ash. I held the frame together with a band clamp and glued the joints. Then I used 90 degree brackets on the back for rigidity. Below is the finished frame.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Gallery Wraps & Floater Frames

Canvas prints lend themselves to the framing process called gallery wraps. As the name implies, the canvas is wrapped around stretcher bars (shown above) and stapled. There are different types of stretcher bars some of which can be purchased at art supply stores. Because of the finished look, a photo can be displayed with or without a frame. If a frame is desired, the most convenient type is the floater frame. The floater frame is only attached from the back and a small space is left between the frame and the photo. These frames can be purchased completely assembled, unassembled, or can be made from wood trim with an L-shaped crossection (shown below).